Malaysia’s Olympic History (Infographic)

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Olympic is something that all sports fans have been waiting. Watching the athletes competing in the pool, weightlifting, sprinting etc is exhilarating.  Olympic is the ‘Holy Grail of Sports’


Now, Olympic Rio 2016 has ended. It is definitely one of the most memorable moment, especially to those who have watched the badminton men’s double final and also the epic battle during the men’s single semi final. Heart stopping actions. Many would agree that at times you might feel like going to have a heart attack!

Now we will have to wait for another 4 years till the next Olympic in Tokyo on 24th July – 9 August 2020. Let’s see the history and highlights of our country’s Olympic participation and performance.

malaysia olympic medal-lo res
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As you can see, Rio 2016 is the best Olympic campaign for #teamMalaysia with 4 silver and 1 bronze, contributed by 3 sports. Contributing sports are badminton, diving and cycling. And, that is something to be proud of as the current team has already surpassed our previous best.

Badminton has always been the biggest medal contribution in Olympic. In fact, it is the only medal contributing sports until 2012 when Pandelela Rinong won bronze in diving. Good development to have more sports contributing in the medal tally. If squash were included in the Olympic, it could be a different story, maybe we already have one gold, or maybe not (this is why squash is not an Olympic sport). And why bowling is also not in Olympic?

Tokyo Olympic 2020

Another interesting fact; the first time our country compete as Malaysia was in Tokyo Olympic 1964. It would be interesting to see how does Malaysia perform 56 years later. Rio 2016 performance are great, but it is also worrying when we do not see who can actually replace the current performing athletes, especially Dato’ Lee Chong Wei (badminton) and Azizulhasni Awang (cycling). Diving is quite promising with few young talents, who would be in their mid 20s during Tokyo 2020.

New sports talent must be groomed starting from yesterday. We do have other medal potential sports like archery, shooting and sailing. There are 5 new sports inclusion in Tokyo 2020, karate, softball/baseball, sports climbing, surfing and skateboarding. Karate sounds like possible. Have no idea on the talents pool and performance for the other 4 new Olympic sports.

We include here excerpt from an article in NST.

Local sportsmen and sportswomen need lots of support from all Malaysians, especially their parents and the authorities. Many Malaysians fail to see that there is no job security when an athlete retires. There is no money in diving, for instance, as most competitions do not offer prize money, unlike in badminton and tennis. Yes, Malaysia needs to build on its improving performance but the cost of raising an Olympian or someone seeking to be one is extremely high. It is also hard on the athlete, as well as their family, after taking into account the long period to get to and then compete at the Games. On top of that, there is no guarantee of a return (medal). That is why our top athletes deserve all the help they can get.

You can read the full article here

We will write a separate article discussing the above subject, since that is part of what we do here in iSportsAsia (scout, connect athletes & brands through sports sponsorship, nurture & grow together). For now, it’s time for all people related to sports (especially those with the capacity) to find a way for a proper talent development and get ready for the next Olympic. Before that, we do have SEA Games in 2017, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games in 2018.