Is Virtual Reality is The Next Big Thing In Sports?

Our stance is yes. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) would be the next big thing in sports marketing. In fact, our 5 year Road Map do also include VR & AR market penetration. But how are we going to utilize the technology, is actually up to your imagination. In Malaysia and Asia context, it is all about timing.

It is estimated that by end of this year, 12 million VR headsets to be sold. And the number will double in 2017. China is already 40% of the VR market. Just that Facebook is banned there that FB cannot sell its high-end Oculus Rift there. Samsung headsets also cannot be sold in China as it is based on Oculus software


AR & VR in Malaysia?

The technology is already here. We knew and have met with a few AR & VR platform providers, here in Malaysia. But the market and industry is not yet ready for such technology to be fully utilized. They are developing it for outside market. Tried once last 2 weeks, and even it can (it does) make you feel sick, it is not a big issue.

Of course, this side of the world (Malaysia) will always be waiting for the technology to be used in other places for like 5 years before adapting it ourself. Many factors contributing, that may include price and availability of contents etc. But 5 years could be too long.

We bet that during the Russia World Cup 2018, some sort of VR and AR technology will be used, and will further increased by the Tokyo Olympic 2020.

Wait and see. If you believe that VR & AR is the next big thing in sports, specifically here in Malaysia and South East Asia region, talk to us.

Below is an interesting infographic on Virtual Reality in sports.