FAQ on SIG Program

Here is the list of frequently asked questions for our SIG program:

1. Why iSportsAsia create this program?

We create this program as a platform to connect athlete and sports people with brands.

2. I am not an athlete, can I apply to this program?

This program is open to sports people and athlete with reasonable followings, reach and engagement from their social media accounts and  blog/website. You can apply here or view the process here

Once we receive your form, we will review your social media accounts and get back to you within 48 hours.

3. How do you match the influencers with brands?

We will recommend influencer based on brands’ choice of sports. Then we will filter the influencers based on the sports of interest and shortlist them. Or sometimes, we will recommend influencers to brands based on their marketing campaign and objectives.

Just make sure your social media accounts are active and well maintained, to get higher chances to be recommended

4. I am currently an ambassador and blog for other brands/sponsors, am I eligible to join?

Yes, you can. In the application form, we have asked this question. If you have an active contract with other brands, we will ensure that you will not be involved with marketing campaigns that will contradict the brand/products that are sponsoring you. However, it also depends on the content of your existing contracts, which we will be more than happy to take a look and review it (the agreement)

5. How can I get rewarded?

Brands may reward you either by giving free products, cash, discounts, events access and much more.

6. When will the work start and when I will get the payment/reward?

You will start creating content for the campaign once we have received the payment/rewards from the brands. But you will only receive the payment/rewards once the campaign period is over.  For long-term marketing campaign, payment/rewards will be released by phases

7. Are you going to post on my behalf?

No, we will not. Your social media accounts and/or blog management is handled by you. We are not going to ask for admin access for any of your social media accounts. However, we will keep track of your statistics, participation, and how your account is performing so we can recommend you to the brands that are looking for people like you.

8. How are you going to keep track of those data?

We have a custom analytics platform that we will use for that purpose.

9. What are other things that can possibly happen after this?

We can only foresee that if your social media accounts and blog are in good shape (high visitors, engaged audience, etc), you will have a higher chance to be recommended for more marketing campaigns.

If you are a full-time athlete, we can consider possibilities for an exclusive representation contract.

10. This is interesting. How long will it take for you to review my application?

Within 48 hours. You will be notified via email with further instructions if you are accepted in the SIG marketplace.

Proceed to the application form here