Dodgeball Movement – INTI Open 2016 (Part One)


First get to know about dodgeball is after watching this 2004 movie – DODGEBALL


It’s a funny movie but never thought of dodgeball as a serious or a regulated sport. Remembered during childhood especially, we played an almost similar game to dodgeball, except that the ball used is sometimes tennis ball (which is not preferred as it tends to get lost, bouncing factor) or ping pong ball ( it’s too light, too small, but cheaper, and gave quite a sting actually).

It is not really a serious game, then it evolves to a better, special rubber/foam ball. And dodgeball is the professional version of this game, “Bola Beracun”

Dodgeball in Malaysia

The sport is quite new here, but internationally, there are many countries that have their own amateur and professional leagues. The Dodgeball movie itself was produced in 2004, like 12 years ago. Dodgeball was introduced in Malaysia in the year 2009.

It was one of the most recognized 10 Alternative Sports in Malaysia

Fast forward to now, Malaysia has our own National Team for men, women and mixed. And they performed quite well…actually very well this year.

Malaysia’s team recent achievement was as Champion (Female) and First Runner Up (Male) in the recent Dodgeball World Championship held in Australia last October.

Malaysian female dodgeball team defeated Canada 6-5 at the recent World Dodgeball Championship to win gold. — Picture courtesy of the Malaysia Association of Dodgeball

Last year, the men’s team clinched 2nd spot during the World Championship held in Las Vegas in August 2015, while the ladies earned bronze (2nd runner up)

Silver in 2015 for men's team. The World Championship was held in Las Vegas
Silver in 2015 for men’s team. The World Championship was held in Las Vegas. Photo from Dodgeball Malaysia Facebook

So we have a very good national team, both men and women. This sport is gaining popularity, especially among the varsities and colleges. From searches, there will be dodgeball tournaments almost every weekend, especially around Klang Valley. This coming weekend, INTI College, will be organising their 3rd INTI Dodgeball Open.

INTI Dodgeball Open Co-Ed 2016

The registration was opened on 31st Oct limited for 24 teams. And the slots all been filled within 3 weeks!

This competition is organized by INTI’s very own dodgeball club, the REAPERS, sponsored by SportsPlay and supported by Malaysia Association of Dodgeball

We had a chance to interview the club president to get more insights about this tournament and the sport itself.

1.  Hi, there. Tell me about yourself


Hello! I am Eng Yong Xiang, 20 years old this year. I have been studying in INTI College Subang for 3 years now. I had done my diploma here and I am now doing my bachelor of business major in hotels management. I’m also holding the position of President in INTI College’s Reapers Dodgeball Club.

Although my degree’s life is hectic, but I still find time to train Dodgeball twice a week and also to guide my junior and the school team.

2. How did you first get involved in dodgeball? 

The first time I heard about dodgeball was during my first day of orientation in INTI. The Emcee mentioned that the college’s best sport is dodgeball, and it was a sport that I’ve never heard off. I am curious, so I joined the first training session. It was fun and I am happy to get to know new friends during the training session.

Since that day, I never miss a single training and I felt in love with this sport. I got motivated by my captain and seniors so I decided to focus and train harder.

3. I personally know about dodgeball when i watched a movie by the same name produced back in 2004. Found it interesting. Do u in any way felt related to that movie?

I think the movie is very funny and it is a good way to introduce dodgeball. The sports managed to grow and became popular in European countries but not in Asian countries. Not many Asian knows about the movie and they have never heard about dodgeball.

4. For the upcoming event, what was the highlight for you?

This will be the third year of INTI Open and our committee would like to make it as an annual event. As the organizing chairperson, I will make sure that the event will run smoothly and hoped that it will be greater year by year.

I will do my best to make all the participants feel comfortable and enjoy playing in this tournament. I hope that this event will be successful! 




5. From your experience and observation, how has the dodgeball scene in Malaysia has grown?

From my point of view, dodgeball in Malaysia is getting popular especially in Klang Valley. This sport starting to get noticed as our Team Malaysia had won the Champion for Female category and Silver Medalist for Male category in the Australia Dodgeball World Championship last month. However, there are still many people who are not familiar with this sport, which stopped them from trying it.

The sport is still an unknown in some of the states like Terengganu, Kelantan and Melaka. Thank you to MAD for guiding us in organizing this INTI Open 2016 tournament and giving the opportunity to all ‘dodgeballers’ to gather and compete with each other.

6. Do you think this sport is growing in INTI?

Best sports club in INTI. When you are the best, the logo doesn't matter, or it's what matters most
Best sports club in INTI. When you are the best, the logo doesn’t matter, or it’s what matters most

Definitely yes! The students especially the freshies are interested with new sport and they will give a try. Furthermore, we are the best sports club in INTI College Subang and our training session is very active and consistent. We can always find new young and potential players from INTI Dodgeball club.

7. What is your vision for this sport, and how would u like to see INTI’s contribution in it?

I hope Dodgeball will be recognized as a major sport, especially since our Team Malaysia is really strong. Then, this sport should be introduced nationwide in order to search for more potential players.

I hoped that INTI College can continue to show their support on our club and provide more subsidy for us to organize events and joining more open tournaments. I also wished that they could help us to improve our training ground.

8. Any final thoughts to the participants, sponsors, association and public about this competition and dodge in general?

First of all, I would like to represent Reapers Dodgeball Club to say Thank You to INTI College Subang and MAD for showing support on allowing us to organize this event. They also guided us on doing the proposal and the setup.


Next, I would like to say a million Thank You to SportsPlay, especially to KG who is willing to support and helping us. We hoped that this partnership will continue in order to expand the dodgeball sport. Our event will not be the same without their endless support!

Thank you Yong Xiang, and we wish you all the best for the upcoming tournament.

This tournament will be held from 9.00am – 6.00pm at INTI College Subang Futsal Court, level 4 Block C. 24 teams competing for cash prizes and medals, sponsored by SportsPlay. For more information and updates about this tournament, logon to their Facebook page