Children in Sports – Basic Guide For Parents

basic guide for parents

This was one of the topic discussed by the team last Saturday. As been shared by one of the team members, one parent approached and express dissatisfaction over her kid’s training program. Their main concern is that they see no progress despite being actively participating in the programs organized by the club.


Tracking performance is something subjective. Unless if the club’s program do provide ample performance analysis or assessment program for the child, then it will be another story. Another parent shared with us, that in order to easily track or ripe the benefit of a sports program enrolled, it is important to determine the objective first. What do they want for the kids and how far they are willing to bring and allow the kids to excel?

While we are at this, please bear in mind, sports development should start at an early age, and the only people that can allow this is the parents or caretaker. Therefore, the objective must be set by the parents as they have the authority at this point of age.

To give more understanding on this topic, we are going to give some guidance for parents who are interested to start their child with sports. Or sometimes, if it was the child who actually has interest in sports, how do you go about it. We will divide these into few articles

What to consider?

When children express interest to participate in sports, how do you decide what are the best option for them? What type of club and coach that would be suitable for your kid? This won’t be a problem if you as the parents have some background in sports. You might have some understanding of the type of sports environment that can help in your child’s development. Those who don’t have sports experience will find this a problem

Nevertheless, whether or not you as parents have a sports background, these are some questions and consideration that you should think of:

  • how a good club should be structured
  • factors to consider when choosing a club
  • what you should be looking for in the coaches who work with your child
  • how to recognize effective coaching
  • what to do if you have any issues with the club or the coaching
  • what you may be able to do to support your child and coach during the sessions

We  do not put training fee as one of the consideration as it is, in our opinion, should not be one, if you really want your child to excel.

Above all, what you as parents need to think about are on these:


how confident is your child


  1. How confident is your child?
  2. Will he/she be OK going to a club where they doesn’t know anyone?
  3. Has your child tried this sport before? Maybe at school, or is this an entirely a new experience?
  4. Is your child is more interested in individual or team sports?
  5. What does your child want from joining a sports club?
  6. What do you, as parents want?

The best outcome by being aware and sensitive towards these needs, is that you can contribute more in supporting your child and the coach. You will learn to appreciate and can relate to the activities and also learning what is your child experiencing. Once you have decide by considering all these factors, you could be more involved in this aspect of your child’s development

supportive parents
The parents should smile and positive, even when their child are not. That is being supportive and proud parents. -For illustration purpose only-

On the next article of this series, we will focus on the structure of a good club.