Accountability! BAM needs to act fast

By Satwant Singh Dhaliwal

Talking to national Badminton ace Dato Lee Chong Wei, one could not help but feel that he is really hurting deep down inside.


It was a single sentence, ” Is Chong Wei’s career over” that enraged the shuttler.

And it was not the first time that the person who uttered the remark had question the ” shelf-life” of Malaysia’s most illustrious sporting Son.

This was the case after the Thomas Cup as well as the Rio Olympics.

But Chong Wei did not react as he brushed it aside as a comment coming from someone who probably is envious of LCW’s success.

” I met the BAM President ( Tan Sri Al Amin) and I made my views crystal clear to him,” said Chong Wei when contacted this morning.

” If BAM feels that they want to let me go, then all they need to do is issue me a letter and I will walk.

” This is not a threat but this is reality. I hope the President will get to the bottom of the matter.

” The President will now listen to their side of the incident as well as talk to others involved.

” I leave it to him to get back to me and will make my decision then.

” Let me make it clear here, I am not holding BAM at ransom. All I want is for them to provide me with a proper explanation and we can move on from there, the direction as I said is yet to be determined.

” I have no intention to retire and no official can or should dictate terms as to when I am to hang up my racquet.”

Chong Wei said that he had served the country for the past 17 years with dedication and pride.

” I attend training sessions, participate in all activities, stay and travel with the team during tournaments,” added Chong Wei.

” I am no Prima Donna and thus no official from BAM should consider themselves as untouchables.

“Badminton is the major sport in Malaysia and perhaps where these people come from it is not as important as it is to the Malaysian public.

” I walk the talk, so resolve this matter or I take a walk, it’s as simple as that,”

The irony behind this whole matter is that the BAM Coaching and Training Committee had no inclination with regards to the moving of training to the Akademi Badminton Negara.

This three officials, namely BAM Secretary Dato Ng Chin Chai, General Manager Lawrence Chee and Technical Director Morten Frost are accountable towards this incident.

Akin to a broken vase, we can put it together with glue but it will never be the same.

Therefore in this case, much has been said and there can be no resolution unless someone walks the plank.

Chong Wei is prepared to walk out of the door, will BAM now be able to retrieve the subtle smashed into their court?

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