3 Minutes Arm Workout

For those who found that time is their biggest enemy to exercise, you no longer say that anymore. There are some exercise that you can do in 3 minutes per reps, and you can repeat it for 3 times. So, it only takes 9 minutes (you can put in 10-12 minutes max if you rest for 1 minute in between.

3 mins ttop


Even it’s only for 3 minutes, there are actually a lot that you can accomplish in that time frame. You can get your heart rate up within the first 15 seconds. You can exhaust muscle groups within one minute. If you do at least one high-intensity, three-minute workout a week, you’ll likely see some strength gain. You’ll also help build lung capacity and endurance

So to start, take a look at this infographic for beginner workout on your arms. Then follows is the 3 mins arms workout for intermediate and advanced level

arm execise 3 minutes

3 mins inter

3 mins adv